Cargo Shipping to Argentina? Learn About Customs Rules and Regulations for Sea Shipping to Argentina

Located on the southern coast of China, Hong Kong is a major portal to mainland China and home to one of the busiest container shipping ports in the world, the Port of Hong Kong, which handled nearly 25 million TEUs or twenty foot equivalent units in 2011.

With a population just over 7 million 중국배대지 people, Hong Kong is a very densely populated region with the majority of the population being of Chinese descent.

If you are moving overseas to Hong Kong, chances are you might need to ship some of your personal items and household goods by sea. When shipping personal effects and household items to Hong Kong, you are required to provide import declarations.

One of the first things you should know is that you need to draft a complete inventory of goods for your overseas shipment. Provide a detailed description of what you are shipping for best results with the customs officials. You will also need to provide a photocopy of your passport.

Food imports are very important to Hong Kong since natural resources in the region tend to be more limited. Foods commonly imported include fruit, nuts, many types of meats, poultry and seafood.

If you are shipping liquor to Hong Kong, you may need to pay duty fees and taxes. It is customary to pay duty fees to the Customs Office before your shipment arrives. The rate depends on the type of liquor that you are shipping.

If you are shipping liquor with an alcoholic strength that exceeds 30% or less than 30% there are varying rates. When there is no information available on alcohol content the Commissioner or an authorized person will determine the value of the quantity of liquor as long as the amount does not exceed 12 liters